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Knowing where you came from to know where you want to be is what Cerulean IT is all about. We started in 2018, is in the process of a top-notch Data Consulting firm with a multi-national team of industry experts.

Data Management

Every company has piles of data but a few have any idea what to do with it. We at Cerulean IT, from understanding the right way to store your data to ensure that the right information is available when you need it, we’ve helped you with all. We have got the people and experience to simplify data management once and for all.

Business Intelligence

In an environment driven by gut instinct or high cost/high-risk business intelligence platforms, the world was primed for a change. We found a powerful analysis tool set and a few rebellious personalities, then we led the revolution with Tableau Consulting, data training and Business  Intelligence best.


Even though we’ve been in this field for a long time. We’ve gained our chops through providing personalized IT services and solving Data challenges for small to medium to large scale businesses. Data Management is still a pillar of our offering and the DNA that flows through everything we do.

We're Ready!

With the growing volume of requests for modernization and integration of the information systems to support corporate strategic initiatives, many critical IT projects have to wait for data integration resources to become available. CERULEAN IT SOLUTIONS’s consulting experience and capabilities in the data architecture and data integration can help you to move your project rapidly and efficiently into production. We work with staff and your current databases, ETL Tools, data management, and other data integration toolsets to bring your project together in accordance with your vision.

CERULEAN IT SOLUTIONS understands that data is coming into your business at a rapid rate from a multitude of applications. The cost of managing that data is substantial, yet the cost of mismanaging it or not taking advantage of the information could be monumental. Whether your organization’s need is part of the largest project or standalone, CERULEAN IT SOLUTIONS can help you get the most benefit from your data.


We started in 2018, in the process of evolving a top-notch Data Consulting Firm with a multi-national team of industry experts.


This is exceedingly true of companies. What started in 2017 has evolved into a global data consulting firm with a multi-national team of industry experts.

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A lot of things that make Cerulean different, but known as prominent company culture.


Every day at Cerulean is a new opportunity to collaborate with the best minds in the country.


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